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Candice Arzu

Ladies, I was just listening to a reality show and cringed as I heard 2 men show such a lack of support for their wives it caused me to revisit and share this video that I made last year.

One of the wives’ has a nanny that was defending her to the husband because he was downplaying her role in the home as she’s running multiple businesses and raising their 2 small children. He actually had the audacity to berate her for the “lack” of things she’s doing in his eyes…wow!

The second husband was laughing at his wife as she was talking about her struggles with fibroid tumors and anemia, because these are causing her MINIMAL weight gain that’s affecting her career. I wanted to jump through the screen, rescue and speak life into her SO badly, ugh!

I was almost in tears hearing the women’s frustration with their insensitive men, and because I can relate I felt compelled to share this.

I also want to encourage anyone that’s been through this or is still going through this right now.  Whatever you do, KEEP PUSHING, NO MATTER WHAT!

The only person that needs to believe in you is YOU, and once you get empowered with that knowledge there will be no stopping you.

Watch this video of me and a Dream Team family member having a discussion about the lack of spousal support, and the words of encouragement we offer.  Oh, and don’t mind my tears…I’m a big softie sometimes.

If you know someone that this could help, please share it to spread some much needed inspiration.

Entrepreneurs, have you been caught in the "perpetual free services" trap? Those of us in service professions love helping people out, so we find ourselves sometimes giving away valuable services and time to the same people more than once. 


I offer 1 free strategy session to help people get on the right track, but it's a high level overview compared to the solutions that I provide to my business partners and to my paying clients. 

Once someone joins me in an opportunity and they're a paying team member, OR they hire me as a consultant (short term/per call or long term) THEN I share the floodgates of knowledge.

It's at that point that I release even more detailed solutions and strategies that I've learned (AND paid for!) over the years to give them action taking steps customized to help them. 

Imagine how your paying clients would feel if they knew you were giving services away free to others. It's not fair to your clients, it's not fair to you, and it's actually not fair to the person you're helping. 

Sometimes people don't hold as much value in things they get for free, so all your well intentions may end up as wasted time and effort.

Bottom line is this. It's fine to help others by offering a free service, but make sure you know when to draw the line or everyone in the end will suffer. 

Set limitations up front to avoid getting caught up in this trap, and know that YOU ARE WORTHY OF BEING PAID for the services you provide.

If you are someone that is in need of my ONE free strategy session, click HERE to get on my schedule. Just know that you've been forewarned... :)

Listen to my story to find out how I escaped Corporate America, gained time and financial freedom, learned how to successfully run my own business and how I can help you do the same, if you're willing to invest in yourself and apply the training.

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The time to seek a 2nd income is before you need it...

Don't wait for a desperate situation to happen and then you're struggling to make a way.

Heaven help you if you lose your current job and didn't have the foresight or 20/20 vision to reach and grab hold of something, anything that had the potential to be a life raft for you.

I'm not asking you to trust me and take my word for it. I'm telling you to follow your gut. Being an entrepreneur isn't for everyone, but I can show how you too can be successful if you let me. You're no different than I am, all it takes is for you to learn the skills that I know and have access to share with you.

Most people falsely believe that the only way to make income is to suffer for it. I disagree and I also know that exchanging time for money is what keeps the middle class behind on their bills.

Why not earn after 5pm? Or as it was in my case, after 8pm when I was finally allowed to go home at night when I worked in Corporate America.

I have a life raft, and I'm willing to let you ride on it with me when you're ready.

Take hold of my hand HERE and let me guide you.


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